Social Media Policy


To address the changing way the Catholic community communicates using social media online. Educators, departments, and ministries of the Diocese of Charlotte may consider using social media tools as an additional way to evangelize the public and educate students. The diocese encourages the use of social media to further the mission of the Church, where appropriate and “in a manner that is safe, responsible, and civil.”

Code of Conduct for Social Media Sites

“All posts and comments will demonstrate Christian charity and respect for the truth. They will be on topic and presume the good will of other posters. A discussion will take place from a faith perspective. No advertisements will be included on the site.”

In addition, visitors who do not comply with the Code of Conduct will be blocked.


The user-submitted information and comments that are published or made available through this social media site may not represent the Teaching of the Catholic Church or the official position of the Diocese of Charlotte.

Inappropriate or objectionable postings may be deleted at the discretion of the site administrator and/or the Diocese of Charlotte.

User-submitted information on this web site is provided for informational purposes only.