Marriage Information

You may find out more information regarding marriage in the Catholic Church from the Diocese of Charlotte”

Marriage Guidelines and Procedure

*This process will take a minimum of 6 months prior to the intended wedding date.

  1. IF you have been married before, you must be granted an annulment prior to getting married. Please contact Barbara Speers, St. Aloysius Catholic Church Advocate for Tribunal, at (828) 495-7405 for more information regarding the annulment process.
  2. NOTIFY the parish office of your intent to get married.
    • Please make an appointment with a priest or deacon to start the Pre-Cana process.
      PROVIDE the necessary documentation:

      • A Baptismal Certificate with Notations
        • Must be no more than 6 months old
        • Can be obtained through the church of baptism.
      • Birth Certificate of both marriage applicants
      • Two Witnesses (Preferably: parents, relatives, or well-known friends)
      • Marriage License
        • Must be provided two weeks before the religious ceremony is to take place
  3. Contact the parish off to seek the availability of the Church or Sebastian Chapel for the intended wedding date. Please contact Gabby Elliott at (828) 327-2341 ext 302 for details.

Marriage Process Timeline

*This process will take a minimum of 6 months prior to the intended wedding date.

  1. Complete Pre-Cana with Priest or Deacon who you wish to perform your ceremony
  2. Complete FOCCUS Questionnaire 
    • This is Free for the couples completing it
  3. Complete One-Day Marriage Preparation Workshop
    • Once you have completed the questionnaire, please visit where you will need to schedule your Marriage Preparation Workshop day with the Diocese of Charlotte. The workshop takes place on Saturdays throughout the year, from 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM. The Diocesan Family Life program offers a one-day marriage preparation workshop which is geared to help couples continue to build a solid foundation for their marriage. The format for the workshop includes presentations, journaling, private partner-to-partner discussions, and small and large group discussions. You will be responsible for the $99 registration fee. Everything you need to know about the workshop, including a list of available days and registration, can be found in the link provided above.
  4. Select Wedding date
  5. Coordinate with Parish Wedding Coordinator