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Isabel Romero

Or call (828) 327-2341 ext. 308

In order to volunteer with our parish, you must be a registered member of our parish in good standing for at least one year. All volunteers of our parish must attend a Protecting God’s Children (PGC) class; a workshop intended to educate volunteers to recognize and help prevent sexual abuse.

Below are the steps required to become a volunteer in our Faith Formation programs:

  1. Register with our parish by completing the online registration form. Your registration is in pending status until we have received verification of your Sacraments. Once verification is received, your registration is then confirmed. You must be registered in our parish for at least one year before you can be considered for available volunteer opportunities.
  2. After you receive confirmation of your parish registration and you have been a registered member in good standing for at least one year, you will need to complete and submit the online volunteer application, or you can download the volunteer packet below. Once you have completed the volunteer application, you are required to submit to a background check by downloading, completing and signing the Background Check Release Form (below).
    1. Volunteer Information Packet
    2. Background Check Policy
    3. Background Check Release Form (English)
    4. Background Check Release Form (Spanish) Please bring your completed form to the office, or you can email it to
  3. Register online for Protecting God’s Children (PGC) Class at: *

*COVID19 UPDATE: During the Pandemic, most workshops are being offered remotely. You will be emailed a link to the meeting after you have selected a location and registered online.