Infractum is a Latin word, with the English translation to mean upright, whole, unbroken, intact, or safe. Every parent desires these traits for the life of their child. The teen years can be especially challenging, with much worldly influence that inhibits youth’s ability to make good decisions, and discern God’s will.

The Infractum program creates a partnership of caring adults that walk alongside youth and families so that youth are prepared to exhibit and live out these qualities finding the strength and knowledge to do so through Christ. Leading our youth to salvation through Christ, is the overarching goal of the St. Aloysius’ Youth Ministry program.

We purposefully plan fun into the journey as we go hand-in-hand toward God! With prayer, the help of the Holy Spirit and the help of Godly adults and volunteers working alongside our youth, each can find his/her purpose in fulfilling God’s will in their lives now, and in their lives to come.

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Email:  Jennifer Soto, Youth Ministry Coordinator