The Stewardship Commission is responsible for ensuring that stewardship becomes a way of life for all the members of St. Aloysius Parish. 

The Commission does this by:

  • Working to communicate the various ministry opportunities available to parishioners who desire to donate their time and talent to the glory of God
  • Organizing a Stewardship Fair each spring where parishioners are able to learn about parishes ministries and to sign up as a volunteer
  • Carrying out an annual stewardship campaign for the purpose of educating parishioners about God’s mandate to share their time, talent and treasure
  • Recruiting individuals and families to share their personal testimonies about stewardship with parishioners
  • Ensuring that those who wish to volunteer are contacted and asked to become involved
  • Showing appreciation for those who are involved in parish volunteer ministry
  • Preparing and providing a program of stewardship education for parish leaders so they understand the meaning and focus of stewardship
  • Developing a program of stewardship education to be incorporated into the faith formation program for children, youth and adults
  • Communication of stewardship throughout the parish through weekly parish bulletin inserts, web site, social media, newsletters and announcements during Mass
  • Communication of stewardship by sharing information about parish ministries throughout the community

Becoming a Steward of Christ: Stewardship Thought for the Day

Good stewards follow the advice of St. Paul and conduct themselves – by wise use of their time and talents – in a way worthy of the Gospel of Christ. We are grateful this week for all stewards in our parish who put their faith into action by using their gifts in support of our parish ministries and community activities.

Stewardship Chair: Jody Blake