Pastoral Council Members

Jack Donahoe

Josephine Stroud

Bob Hall

Fran Herfurth

Jim Belcher

Gustavo Zavala

Fran Herfurth

Josephine Shaju

Estrella Vallecillos

Jane Hennis

Katie Tocci

Pastoral Council News

And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.”  We the Pastoral Council, take these words to heart and are happy to share that we are now prepared to embark on a journey with you our parish community, to develop a 5-year Pastoral Plan.  

The first steps of the planning process have been presented by Father Larry and approved by the Diocese of Charlotte.  Please check this page often for news on the planning process. This page will also become the platform where parishioners can offer input and ask questions.  We welcome your participation in the process.  Together we begin with prayer, asking for the Holy Spirit to guide us.  It is Christ among us that empowers us, and through His grace, we will continue in the process of becoming the parish God intends us to be.


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