Dave & Jeanne Gerhardt
Dave & Jeanne GerhardtCommunity Life Commission Chair
You may contact Dave & Jeanne at (828) 328-4748.

The Community Life ministry group looks beyond the parish to respond to the needs of the greater community.  As a tithing parish, we share our resources with our broader community.  The Community Life ministry group determines how our resources are shared with organizations who serve those in need.  This ministry group also serves as a liaison to the following community groups which it supports.  The group helps to promote volunteerism, runs parish-wide food drives, blood drives, etc. 


Volunteer Opportunities with the Community Life Ministry

The ministry of the Community Life Commission is responsible for connecting with social needs organizations and opportunities that allow us to serve those in need.  These regularly or irregularly scheduled opportunities might include assisting at either organization in the community or at groups/activities within our parish that both serve those in need.

The 12 organizations listed as regularly scheduled are listed from greatest to least in need and are usually expected to be done regularly – monthly or weekly.

The 12 irregularly scheduled organizations are also listed from greatest to least in need and are more amenable to be done whenever your schedule allows.


Regularly Scheduled Irregularly Scheduled (One-Time)
Meals on Wheels Highways and Hedges Homeless Ministry
Cooperative Christian Ministries Cooperative Christian Ministries
Habitat for Humanity Habitat for Humanity
Salvation Army Adult Life Programs
Family Care Center Family Care Center
Catawba Valley Hospice Pregnancy Care Center
Unique World Gifts St. Aloysius Blood Drives (1-3/year)
Hickory Soup Kitchen Hickory Soup Kitchen
Pregnancy Care Center Socks for Homeless Drives (1-2/year)
Frye Regional Medical Center NETworX CAtawba Meals (1-4/year)
Catawba Valley Medical Center Sipe’s Orchard Home
St. Aloysius Rosary Makers United Way Day’s of Caring (September)

If you have questions about or interest in any of these listed opportunities, please contact Dave Gerhardt at gerhardtdave1@gmail.com.

What you did to the least of my people, that you did unto me.” ~ Matthew 25:31-46

 “Faith Without Works Is Dead.” ~ James 2:14-26

 “Faith is not even worthy of the name until it erupts into action!” ~  Catherine Marshall

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you CAN do!

Until you decide that NOTHING will stop you from ACTION, EVERYTHING will!