The Communications & Evangelization Commission ensures that news and information related to all the different aspects of parish life are communicated effectively both internally, within the St. Aloysius Community, and externally, within the Hickory Community at large.

The group covers several ministry duties including (but not limited to):

  • Maintains the parish website
  • Advertises activities within the parish and surrounding communities
  • Prepares press releases about activities, special projects, or ministries of the parish for distribution to the local media, the diocese, and other Christian communities and parishes
  • Maintains the new parishioner Welcome Packets
  • Maintains the parish Ministry Booklet
  • Produces In the Spirit, a newsletter filled with articles that report on the many activities and events of the parish.  It also includes faith and spiritual guidance articles.   The newsletter is distributed to parishioners approximately twice per year.
  • Performs bulk mailings
  • Ensures publications are available:
    • The Aloysius bulletin is offered weekly in hardcopy form or on the parish website
    • The Catholic News and Herald is offered by the Charlotte Diocese.  It may be delivered to your home or may be viewed at
    • Seasonally, the Communications Group produces special Advent and Lenten meditations/reflections of the daily scriptures

The Communications & Evangelization Commission group meets several times throughout the year.  However, at the moment it is not active. If you wish to be a part of this commission, please contact the parish office for more information.