There are many ways that our registered parishioners are able to volunteer their time and talents in assisting with liturgical services to ensure that the beautiful celebration of the Mass and other Sacramental services are carried out smoothly and to the glory of God.  To learn more about Liturgical Ministries, please contact the parish office, or send us an email with questions and interests.

 Altar Servers
Altar Servers assist the priest at each liturgy.  Anyone who has received First Eucharist and is in fourth grade or above may inquire about becoming an altar server.  After the initial training, servers attend a training session at least once a year, or when necessary.  Servers are assigned on a rotating basis.
 Adult Altar Servers
The adult Altar Servers assist the priest and deacon during the liturgy.  They serve the Wednesday 5:15 PM and at the Friday 12:10 PM Masses regularly and are available to serve at Funeral Masses as needed. 
Children’s Liturgy of the Word
An adult leads this special Liturgy of the Word during the 11:00 AM Mass.  Our children are offered the Sunday scriptures proclaimed in age appropriate language so that they may reflect on how the readings relate to their everyday lives.

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion
Ministers are entrusted to administer the Body and Blood of Christ at each liturgy.  Ministers are put on the schedule to distribute the Eucharist in both forms during weekend Masses and Holy Days.  The frequency of service depends on the number of ministers available.

These ministers proclaim the Word of God at weekend, Holy Day, and special liturgies.

Cantors and Choirs
These are under the direction of our parish music ministry.  Parishioners offer their time and talent each weekend and at special liturgical celebrations.  Regular rehearsals are part of the ongoing commitment to the music ministry.  This includes the Adult Choirs, Praise Team Choir, Children’s Choir, and instrumentalists.

 Funeral Planning
These ministers provide support for grieving family members by assisting them in choosing the scriptures and music for the funeral mass. 

Art and Environment Team
These parishioners help with our liturgical environment and seasonal decorations.

Greeters extend a warm and welcoming greeting to all who attend Mass.  They assist visitors and make everyone feel at ease.

Altar Guild
This group coordinates the cleaning and/or repair of Altar and Eucharist linens and the Priest’s Albs.  In addition, volunteers may be asked to prepare the host, cups, and linens essential to each liturgy.  Volunteers will also inform the parish staff when wine, hosts, candles, linens and/or other liturgical supplies need replenished.

UshersUshers provide a smooth flow to our liturgies by offering seating assistance and directing the offertory collection, Eucharist procession and bulletin distribution.  Ushers serve at both weekend liturgies and other special liturgical celebrations.