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Cursillo is a Spanish word, which translates best as “Short Course”.  The full title is “Cursillo De Cristiandad”, which means “Short Course in Christianity” or Christian Living. Cursillo is not an organization, but rather a worldwide lay movement within the Catholic Church, and its mission is exactly the same as the Church’s – Evangelization.   

We approach evangelization as a very natural act of being Christ-like within each of our daily activities. We are taught how to improve our prayer life and holiness, and through study, to be anchored in our Catholic Faith and the Church’s teachings. We learn how to share our faith with family, friends, co-workers, at social gatherings or wherever we are. We share our spiritual growth as well as our growth in becoming a person who strives to bring a Christ-like attitude to our environments. As we make attempts to bring Christ into our various environments, we will sometimes become frustrated.

Have you noticed the Men’s CURSILLO noted in the bulletin calendar every week? Ever wonder what these gentlemen do? 

Simply, six to eight men meet each Tuesday to pray, share spiritual readings, and encourage each other to share their faith with others.

CURSILLO has two parts:

Part One – a 3-day conference/retreat with 15 amazing talks which focus on our Catholic faith and evangelization.

Part Two – weekly small group meetings where CURSILLO members share their faith as the current Men’s group does. 

ALERT!!  A CURSILLO conference/retreat is coming to the Hickory area this spring. One for men March 28 to 31 and one for women April 4 to 7.   If you are looking for a wonderful way to improve your relationship with Christ and meet like-minded Catholics on their spiritual journey, this may be just for you!   The St. Al’s Men’s Cursillo group would love to encourage additional women’s and men’s groups at St. Aloysius. If interested, please contact Tony Braun at 828 448-7198 or George Brown at 828 297-7407 for more information.     

For information on our St. Al’s Women’s Cursillo, please contact Debbie Vanover at 704-438-4601.