“Catholics Come Home” program was started by the Charlotte Diocese.  We encourage all of our parishioners to pray for those who have left the Church and invite them to join us at St. Aloysius.  We lovingly invite all those who have drifted away from the practice of our faith to find healing, answers, and support here and to come home to the Catholic Church.   Please visit Catholics Come Home’s website for more information. Simply follow the button found below the prayer.

Dear Lord Jesus,
May our hearts and minds be nourished by your sustaining love.
May our words and actions be guided by your ever-present grace.
May all who seek to know you encounter you here.
May all who seek to serve you, be welcomed to the vineyard.
May all who seek to love you, know that they are loved.
May all who seek to return to their Catholic faith be welcomed and received. 


Visit Catholics Come Home.org