The stained glass is an outstanding addition to our beautiful church.  The window shows us as a pilgrim people.  Our home is not here, but in Heaven and Jesus is the road map: the Way, the Truth and the Life; and all mankind are called to go through Jesus to the Father, and are empowered to do so by the Holy  Spirit.

God the Father is symbolized by the Cloud at the very top of the window.  Jesus is leading us to Him, and the Holy Spirit, symbolized by the Dove, is accompanying us along the journey.

The people follow Jesus, and represent all mankind from the time of  Jesus, as reflected by the people dressed in robes, to modern  man in contemporary clothing.  The faces are for the most part not well defined because they represent all of mankind.  When you look closely you will notice the circles emanating from around Jesus and spreading out to the far ends of the window. These circles represent infinity: the infinite power and majesty of God. The rays of multiple colors coming from the cloud down on the people symbolize God’s grace given in abundance to all of mankind helping them to reach their eternal goal of Heaven. As you enjoy the window, now you can reflect on the beauty of the message as well as the color.

The beautiful photograph of our stained glass was taken and donated by Robert J. Dant of Hickory Photography.  In addition to providing this photograph to St. Aloysius, Robert also entered the image in the Catawba Valley Camera Club’s “Slow Speed” Print competition and placed FIRST!  Our stained glass is now famous!  ♦  (828) 291-5404  ♦  E-mail